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What to Remember When You Are Interacting with a Person Behind Bars

All over the world, there are many people who have been locked up in prisons for crimes that they committed. When a country has rules and regulations, and they are broken, that makes a person a culprit when they break those rules. All the convicts in prisons have a past, and they are related to different people despite them being isolated from their families. There is no difference between a convict and a normal person because they have the same desires only that their freedom has been limited. Friendships are important and that is why prisoners have the chance of interacting with those people who are outside, and as an outsider you need to be aware of some things. The information provided here will come in to be handy when you are writing to a convict.

Usually, inmates do not have computers, and therefore you cannot use email and an alternative means of communicating with them. When you write a letter; it needs to be sent physically through the use of regular mail. As a friend of an inmate who has not provided their listing, their letters will not be received because they are not recognized. There are instances when a prisoner would ask money from you to purchase some of the basic things that they would need. For writing and sending of a letter, one would need stamps, a pencil and that is why they usually request for money. However, you should not be forced to send money and end up using all your savings. The reason why you should not use your savings is because they might not be truthful with the information that they provide.

Therefore, before you send any money to them you need to think about it. You should not send a lot of money to an inmate because they had said that they love you. Another piece of information that you should not reveal to your inmate pen pal is your social security number. If you are sending out a letter to your inmate pen pal, you need to keep the letter short and convey the information that you need. The reason why you should not get into many details on the sending of the first letter is because you need to provide a good description of yourself.

As you provide a brief description of yourself, be sure to provide information such as your height, age, weight, eye color, hair color, glasses, race and many more. If you want the inmate to know you quickly, then you can include a picture of yourself when you are sending that first letter.

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