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Tutorial: How to choose a jacket for winter

Apart from the outer materials and their ability to protect us from the wind, winter jackets are characterized by having an inner thermal lining. This lining is the best guarantee that we will not go cold on a motorcycle with our jacket, either leather or textile. Keep in mind that the thermal sensation that our body perceives circulating is not the same as the outside temperature. Going 80km / h at 0º can represent a sensation of up to 20ºC below zero for our body, depending on humidity and wind. So it is very important to get a jacket with inner thermal lining.  Winter jackets for women are in trend these days and liked by the women very much

Most winter jackets that are in the market have a thermal lining which also is removable. This represents a great advantage, since it increases the versatility of the garment, being able to roll with it also in the seasons of halftime. Hence online shopping jackets for men gives you a lot of options.

Skin  or textile?

  • Removable or not, winter jacket with lining can be textile or leather. The leather jackets offer the best protection against abrasion and also the greatest sportsmanship. This makes leather jackets, which historically have not been favorites to move in the cold, have a new hole in the market
  • But it is in the textile jackets where we find the greatest variety. These types of jackets are ideal for long trips, but there is also a wide range of variants, such as sports-touring jackets or others with a more ‘adventure’ cut. The latter is marketed in both male and female versions. Both have the aforementioned removable inner lining, but they are also water resistant, a very important point when choosing a jacket.


  • The waterproofing of the jackets depends on the type of membrane they have. The best known is the Gore-Tex, present in this Dainese D-Cyclone. The manufacturers equip Gore-Tex with their winter mid-to-high-end textile jackets, but they also offer generic membranes to offer a waterproof jacket with a great value for money ,
  • Halfway between the Gore-Tex and the generic Waterproof membranes, both in terms of price and performance, we have the Drystar membrane , developed by Alpinestars
  • If we choose a leather jacket, here things change: the great disadvantage of leather jackets is that they do not have this type of membranes and treatments and we should get a rain suit if we want to go on a motorcycle on rainy days.
  • So, knowing the type of driving we have and knowing the time of year and environment of use of the motorcycle or scooter, we can lean towards one type or another of jacket. For the day to day, a jacket with lining and waterproof membrane is ideal, but if we are going to make long trips it is preferable a technical garment with Gore-Tex membrane , in addition to the lining. If ours are sporadic exits on winding roads, it is not necessary to give up the skin if our jacket has a thermal lining.
  • In short, there are many options not to leave the motorbike stopped in the garage this winter!