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Choosing a Concrete Polishing Contractor

Concrete has been with us since forever, and a lot of concrete buildings have remained standing hundreds of years after they were built. For this reason, concrete is still one of the most popular materials used these days.

If you’re planning on a project that involves concrete and concrete decoration, keep the following in mind:


Do some research and make a list of contractors to consider. Spend time to learning about the industry so you will know what questions to ask and what responses to expect. If they tell you something, don’t automatically accept it as fact.

Decide on the type of decorative concrete work you’re looking for.

Remember that there many different types of concrete finish work contractors can do for you. What is required for a patio or sidewalk is clearly different from what you would need for your home’s facade. The idea is to know your prospect’s specialty or specialties before committing to them.

Check your prospective contractor’s background.

There’s a lot to be said about the length of a company’s industry experience. Generally, a contractor that has been in business for a minimum of 5 years has proven work quality consistency and customer service reliability.

Ask for referrals and references.

Ask for client references from your potential contractor, but make sure these are projects from at least five years ago. Concrete problems normally show up around this time. Talk to these homeowners about their experience with the concrete contractor, and ask if they would work with the same people or company for a future project.

Know the details behind their insurance.

You have to pick a contractor whose insurance coverage can protect you enough against liability should an accident happen on site. Reputable contractors have workers compensation, general liability and even vehicle insurance.

Pick a contractor that offers a product or performance guarantee.

Ask the contractor if they will provide a guarantee for both the product and their work. Ask them basic questions like when can you begin the project, when do you estimate can you finish it, will you clean up the site after the work, will they repair any damages on gutters or sidewalks, etc.

Don’t start without a written contract.

Ask your contractor to explain everything that they intend to do, and be sure to include all such details in the formal contract. They should specify each steps that will be taken from beginning to end. For instance, what supplies are going to be sued, what is the timeline of completion, what are the terms and conditions of the warranty, etc. All these are crucial details that should be clearly indicated in your written agreement.

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